Stump Grinding Services in Sylmar, California

Our stump grinding services are typically the last part in a tree removal project. We quote our stump grinding services separately because some homeowners will want the tree removed but are fine with leaving the stump if it’s not an eye sore or taking up space in a high traffic area of the yard. We can always grind the stump in the future if plans or needs change.

However, the majority of homeowners typically choose to have stump grinding services included with their tree removal. A big stump can be dangerous if it’s in an area where guests socialize or your children tend to play. It can also just be an eye sore.

Our standard grinding depth is typically four to six inches below the grade. This depth allows for grass to grow over area. If you need it done deeper as you’re planning to build a foundation or use the area for something else, let us know so we can quote you appropriately.

Benefits of Stump Grinding & Removal

Some people leave the stump if it’s not in the way or an eye sore. We’ve even seen other people make tables, planters, or do something decorative and creative. However, if you don’t have plans for your stump, there are some good reasons to have it removed from your yard. Here are just a couple:

Insects, Rodents and Pests
Ants, insects, bees, rats and other pests love an old tree stump that they can call home. If you don’t want to invite some of these creatures to call your yard home, removing the stump will do the trick.

Lawns & Landscaping
Stump removal is necessary if you’re looking to plant grass or lay down sod. Sure, you could plant grass around the stump, but it’s not pretty. And per the reason above, you don’t want to unnecessarily invite pests or other harmful problems to your new lawn.

New Construction, Renovations & Projects
Nothing gets in the way of a new fence or home addition like an old stump. Whether you’re trying to add on to your home, landscape, lay a patio, install a pool, or put up a fence, there’s already a lot of costs involved. Adding stump grinding is probably not something you want to include in an already busy budget.

Improve Yard Drainage
Stump grinding and removal can sometimes improve the drainage in your yard. Whether you’re looking to have a healthy lawn, trying to manage runoff, or looking to plant shrubs, stump grinding services open up options.

Prevent Stump Growth
Grinding a stump down will often reduce or even stop root suckers from growing out of the stump. Root suckers are often unsightly and they can also compete with surrounding plants and shrubs for water consumption.

Protect Surrounding Property
Stump grinding can protect your property. Surface roots may lift a patio, sidewalk, garage slab, driveway, or fence. Likewise, if it’s close to the house, it could be an issue for your foundation.

Stump Grinding Services, Stump Removal Services

Yes, including most of the surface roots surrounding the stump.

Yes, but many of our customers prefer to keep the chips which can be used as fertilizer for future tree plantings.

In most scenarios, we can’t since our stump grinding machines have difficulty going up the hill. We do offer alternative solutions to have the tree stump dry up faster so that it can be manually removed in an easier fashion later on.


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