Tree Removal Services in Sylmar, California

Dario Tree Trimming is not only an expert in tree trimming, but also in tree removals. Our company has done it all from small to large tree removals.

Dario Tree Trimming has completed successful tree removals in many situations:

  • Is your tree on a hill? No problem
  • Is your tree next to a building or residential house? No problem
  • Is your tree alongside your fence? No problem
  • Are you worried that the tree removal will damage your personal property? No problem

We take major precautions every time we perform a tree removal. We never want to damage our customer’s personal property, so we use proper roping and protection techniques (e.g. layouts of plywood) in doing so. During tree removals, we usually cut branch by branch first. Then, we cut stump by stump where we ultimately are left with the bottom stump of the tree. If there is ever a situation where personal property will be damaged, then you will be notified prior to starting the tree removal.

We own and use professional stump grinders to complete any tree removal with ease and minimal errors. If you would like the tree stump to remain, then we can do so. If you would like to remove the whole tree including the roots, then that is where our stump grinders come into play. This is a great idea for people wanting to plant something where the tree removal will take place. For future planting after a tree removal, we recommend citrus trees. In addition, the wood chips left behind after stump grinding are a perfect form of fertilizer for future plants or trees.

Dario Tree Trimming uses the proper techniques and equipment to remove any tree in any environment. The process of removing a tree can be scary, but let us do the hard work for you to provide you with a peace of mind at an affordable price.


Yes, we do. Although, there are many situations where our customers prefer to keep the tree stumps for firewood.

We remove all kinds of trees of different sizes; however, there may be restrictions on protected trees where a city permit may be required.

Yes, we protect the surrounding area as best as we can. If there were to be a scenario where personal property will be damaged then you will be made aware ahead of time.

Yes, we use the best equipment in the tree industry for our safety and yours.


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