Tree Trimming Services in Sylmar, California

Tree trimming (pruning) is more difficult than what it seems, but Dario Tree Trimming provides you with the proper guidance for a successful tree trimming. We would like to clear up some key words in the tree service industry, so that you may have a better understanding when looking into different tree trimming processes:

  • Natural trim: only the trimming of the branches inside of the tree (also referred to as a “thin out”). This type of trim maintains the tree’s natural look.
  • Topping: we use a crown reduction technique where we cut down from the top to lower the height of the tree and leave it in a presentable fashion. Many people prefer crown reduction because the tree has grown too large and needs to be shorter in height. This is a good choice for avoidance of future safety issues.
  • Raise up trim: we use the crown raising technique where the bottom branches are cut off allowing the tree to look presentable in its natural state. Many people prefer this type of trim because of the bottom clearance it provides for pedestrians, vehicles, and homeowners.

If there is ever a situation where a tree branch is largely exposed because of tree trimming, we spray the tree wounds with a special medication to protect the tree from drying up. This ensures tree safety every time we trim a tree. Also, many people wonder why their tree is drying up. It may be due to lack of maintenance of the tree. Trees need to be maintained/trimmed or else dry branches will begin to appear.

Finally, here are some other facts for your future tree trimmings:

  • In order to trim Oak trees, a city permit is required. With this permit, Oak trees can only be naturally trimmed to a maximum of 15% – 25%
  • Birch trees are never topped or else they will dry up
  • Pine trees should never be topped or else they will dry up. In addition, Pine trees should never be naturally trimmed during the warm seasons
  • Palm tree trimming includes removal of seed pods

Dario Tree Trimming knows the proper techniques to trim your trees providing 100% customer satisfaction every time.


Most trees can be trimmed any time of the year. It just depends on the tree and its condition. In most scenarios, the best time to trim a tree is in the winter time.

Yes, visit your local city hall to obtain a city permit. Oak trees are protected trees that the state of California is trying to preserve.

Depending on the city that the tree is located in, it is usually 10 – 12 feet from the street curb.

Yes, if the branches can be safely trimmed around the power lines. If not, then you will need to contact your local utility company and they can temporarily remove the power lines in order for us to trim the tree.


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